“My upbringing in Guyana influences everything that I do.”

Meet Kalinie

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Registered Yoga (RYT), Meditation Teacher, and Energy Medicine/Reiki Practitioner, I help people connect with their inner strength through mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness — hence the name, Conscious Empowerment.

About Kalinie

Over time, my relationship with myself and others began to suffer.

I grew up in an environment where “adults know best!” which ultimately suppressed my voice, made me unable to set healthy boundaries and groomed me into a submissive and codependent little girl. Later, as I matured, my first relationship as a young adult was filled with abuse and heartbreak. My childhood and young adult experiences led me to build walls of protection around myself, not realizing that these were actually walls of self-imprisonment! Emotional triggers began to show up in my behavioural patterns. For example, when my ideas/opinions were challenged, I became very defensive. I also struggled with feeling unheard. 

My story

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From my journey, Conscious Empowerment was born. Conscious Empowerment helped me find my way, and now, Conscious Empowerment can help you, too.

Now, I am developing interdependent relationships with those around me and communicating in a healthy way. I am happy and free.

I had to learn how to raise my words, not my voice and eliminate my habit of constantly repeating myself to make sure I am being heard and listened to. I have broken unhealthy behavioural patterns and reclaimed my Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual power.

My Renewal

I view food as our medicine. My dad once told me, “Either spend the money to eat properly or spend it in the doctor’s office!” I’ve carried that with me ever since. I find my joy in the kitchen and love experimenting with with local, wholesome, and organic ingredients.

Cooking is my meditation, a form of therapy.

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