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Conscious Empowerment inspires you to live your best life Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

Be rejuvenated through our holistic wellness programs.

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As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), I view food as medicine and use natural, alive, good quality ingredients. To help reach your goals, I provide gut health & diet consultations, personalized meal plans, and tailored homemade cold-pressed juice and smoothie regimens.

Gut Health & Nutrition

Regression is used to clear traumas that were suppressed in your subconscious mind which may now cause behavioural patterns that limit your thinking, beliefs and life choices.


My Reiki and hands-on healing techniques are based on the principle that all issues originate at a spiritual level; therefore, spiritual rejuvenation can address and alleviate the root cause of any issues and dis-ease. 

Energy Medicine & Reiki

With programs for children and adults, we’ll unite the mind, body, and spirit by learning how to connect your breath to your movements.


I lead meditation classes as a technique to calm the mind and bring your body to a natural and balanced state.


Meet Kalinie

My name is Kalinie Chand Doulat and I am a full-time mother of 2 beautiful kids, and a devoted wife. I grew up in Guyana, South America and proudly incorporate my culture into all that I do - especially my cooking! 

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Registered Yoga (RYT), Meditation Teacher, and Energy Medicine/Reiki Practitioner, I help people connect with their inner strength.

I'm so glad you're here!

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Explore my inspiring journey as a first-generation immigrant from Guyana who overcame societal expectations to embrace my true purpose as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner. Follow my path from corporate boardrooms to spiritual teachings, discovering the transformative power of healing and serving humanity.

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Rejuvenation Starts With You


"For about two years now, I’ve been seeing [Kalinie] and she is amazing. She’s helped me so much. We’ve spoken about a lot of different things. Things that stress me out, things that happened in the past - as an adult and as a teenager, and just about my life. Sometimes you can heal yourself but sometimes it helps to get back to the root of the problem. If you’re on a healing journey or looking to heal yourself or push-start your healing, I would strongly recommend coaching!"


"I was happy to see positive changes so quickly like last night [my son] was very peaceful. I am so happy to see it’s working for him. Thanks so much for your help and effort with him 🙏 Appreciate it a lot."

- Educator

"As an educator, I have witnessed many struggles students are facing post pandemic such as anxiety, lack of confidence, decreased socializing, increasing apathy, and a dependence on technology. Kalinie has created a program for young people which counters these negative effects of Covid19 mentally and increases mental health and confidence. She creates an opportunity, first and foremost, for social interaction among young people."


"[My son] is showing some interest in studies again. I observed he was much calmer. Overall a positive improvement than before we started."

- Educator

"Kalinie also uses meditation to teach students to free their mind of negative thoughts, and dependency from screens. I personally witnessed a change in students she worked with in my classroom as students were more willing to participate, work to the best of their ability, and had an increased focus and sense of confidence."


"I was going through a very dark time in life, I found myself stuck in a dark, horrifying relationship that I needed to get out of....I confided in Kalinie and she walked me through a process of healing; bringing light into my body, my soul and my chakras. After the first session I felt very woozy and sleepy; I was a bit skeptical in the beginning. After a few sessions, I always felt tired in the very beginning but over the weeks, I started feeling better; more energized and I even began looking better and brighter."


"Over the course of one year, Kalinie brought a lot of insight, ideas, and inspiration to my life. I became more aware of listening to my body and soul. I feel grounded, alive, and full of life and purpose. She coached me through one of my major life goals, and now I am one year away from achieving my master’s degree."


"Energy healing, reiki, and life coaching is an area where we tend to not dwell on because many of us seek medical attention, a quick fix, indulge in drugs, or discuss the similarities of our problems with friends; feeling sorry or hope for each other rather than doing something about it. In Kalinie, you will not only find a coach and a listening ear, but also an honest, non-judgemental person, a friend, and a healer that will help you as a long as you’re willing to help yourself."