My Renewal Story: How I Became a Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Growing up in a culture where girls were raised to become nurturers and caregivers, educational opportunities were limited. My discernment skills were also suppressed.

My parents believed in my potential, however, they were financially compromised and unable to support me in furthering in my education.

I lived with this regret my entire young adulthood – that I was unable to further my studies and experience my full educational potential. This eventually hampered my ability to articulate my thoughts and blocked my creative mind, which prevented my gifts and talents from surfacing due to a lack of confidence and feelings of fulfillment.

In 1996, I moved to New York as a first-generation immigrant from Guyana and faced many adversities.

Finally, in 2004, I was able to restart school, I was an A student, however, being in the classroom didn’t bring me the feelings of satisfaction I was looking for. I felt disconnected and was on autopilot mode, doing what I needed to do to support myself and my daughter by claiming an education and career.

I had opportunities to be in the corporate board meetings, and yet I felt a sense of purposelessness and loneliness. I couldn’t support a world where profits and cutting overhead expenses mattered more than the welfare of employees. I couldn’t support a world where people are treated as tools rather than human beings.

So I left and made a clean break from it all. As I journeyed through my healing and the layers started to peel away, I realized the universe had a plan waiting for me—to embrace my authenticity and purpose and share my gifts and talents as a light worker.

This realization renewed me with a sense of purpose. It brought immense joy and fulfillment as I reconnected with my authentic self, doing the things that bring wholeness to me and others.

I began studying with world-renowned spiritual teachers, such as Isha Foundation, where Sadhguru initiated me as his student. I also studied with Ekam Oneness University in Chennai, India, and was initiated as a World Meditator, Raja Yoga, and Energy Medicine with the Canadian School of Holistic Medicine. I learned from Eckhart Tolle and Thich Nahn and became a Reiki and yoga facilitator. In 2023, I also renewed my hopes of studying and becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Serving humanity has brought a special love and fulfillment within me. I have found myself while serving others. This makes my heart sing, and complete peace emulates within my being.  I am finally home within myself.

Rediscovering your passions and acting upon it unfolds a completely new world of limitless possibilities. You are no longer a slave to the world. You become the master of your destiny. Your job became your life purpose, and you started to live a purposeful life.

And guess what! My daughter is in the corporate world, bringing mindfulness to the workplace. This reiterates that once we heal, we heal the generations after.

Do you see yourself in any part of my story? Are you ready to connect with your authentic self?

Contact me today to begin your journey.

March 19, 2024


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