Kalinie sitting on a dark grey coach, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a pretty beige blouse and jeans, and holding a coffee mug.

My Journey to Conscious Empowerment

Kalinie sitting on a dark grey coach, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a pretty beige blouse and jeans, and holding a coffee mug.

I have struggled with numerous physical discomforts due to the suppressed emotions which forced me to accept that I needed help in breaking down those walls of self-imprisonment. I had to learn how to raise my words, not my voice and eliminate my habit of constantly repeating myself to make sure I am being heard and listened to. I have broken unhealthy behavioural patterns and reclaimed my Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual power. Now, I am developing interdependent relationships with those around me and communicating in a healthy way. I am happy and free.

One of the ways I express myself is through cooking. Cooking is my passion and hobby. I inherited my cooking talent and creativity from my Mama. As a child, I was fascinated by my mom’s culinary skills – she would take the simplest ingredients and create a stunning gourmet meal. I spent most of my time in the kitchen, observing her technique and methods, as she used her fingertips and palms as trusty measuring tools. To my surprise, I’ve inherited that, too!

I view food as our medicine. My dad once told me, “either spend the money to eat properly or spend it in the doctor’s office!” I’ve carried that with me ever since and realized that our way of farming, cooking and eating in Guyana is best – with local, wholesome, organic ingredients. I find my joy in the kitchen – cooking is my meditation, a form of therapy. I love experimenting with unique ingredients to replicate our traditional Guyanese dishes in a healthier way, without compromising taste. On my page, you will be inspired by the vibrant colours, unique creations and mouth-watering traditional dishes, where vegetarian/vegan food tells the story of natural wellness.

From my journey, Conscious Empowerment was born. Conscious empowerment helped me find my way, and now, Conscious Empowerment can help you, too.

In my journey, I discovered the meaning of conscious empowerment.

Conscious Empowerment taught me to be well, relax, and rejuvenate through Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing and food.  The tools I acquired during this journey of wellness helped me shift the suppressed emotions within my energy field and opened up new neurological pathways with grace and ease to embrace my natural gifts and talents. By healing past traumas, and nourishing my body and my soul, I began to feel empowered and connected to myself again. Today, I am offering these same tools to empower you on your journey. Let’s get started.

July 13, 2022


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